5 Common Myths About Dieting

Around 45 million people in the U.S. alone attempt to diet each year. Unfortunately, it is estimated that as many as 95% of these dieters fail to reach or maintain their weight loss goals. If you find yourself among this 95%, discover five of the most common dieting myths before starting your next diet:

Myth #1: Dieting is All or Nothing.

Fact: Many believe that in order to diet, you must remove every guilty pleasure from your diet at once. While limiting fatty or sugary foods is ideal, not allowing yourself to indulge from time to time is one of the quickest ways to end your diet. Allowing for limited time to cheat is a proven way to extend the life of your diet.

Myth #2: Drinking Water Results in Weight Loss.

Fact: While it is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day, many are under the impression that increasing their intake of water will lead to weight loss. Ultimately, drinking water will keep you hydrated and may make you feel fuller, which are both important, however, water alone will not help you shed the pounds.

Myth #3: You Have to Lose Weight Slowly in Order to Keep it Off.

Fact: It has been stated time and again that slow and steady wins the weight loss race. While no one recommends crash or fad dieting, which is unhealthy, each person’s weight loss timeline will vary. If you are active and eating a healthy, balanced diet, you will be able to keep the weight off. Whether it took you six weeks of doctor-monitored weight loss efforts or two years after a surgical weight loss procedure to reach your goals, remaining committed to a healthy lifestyle is key.

Myth #4: You Can Eat as Many Healthy Foods as You Want and Still Lose Weight.

Fact: Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks are nutritious options. Contrary to popular belief, however, you cannot eat as many of them as you wish and lose weight. Eating an excessive amount of any food can easily lead to weight gain.

Myth #5: Eliminating All Carbohydrates is the Key to Weight Loss.

Fact: There are different types of carbs and some of them, such as whole-grains, are needed to boost your energy level. There is no need to remove all carbs from your diet. Simple changes like switching from white bread to whole wheat can make a big difference.

Now that you are aware of these five common dieting myths, be sure to keep them in mind to maximize your weight loss efforts. And, if you think you need assistance in getting that excess weight off, you can visit one of our four locations throughout Houston to meet with a physician that specializes in weight loss. Pick a location in North Houston, Cypress, Spring, or The Woodlands that is most convenient to you, and then contact 1960 Family Practice to schedule your weight loss consultation today!