Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Are you floating from one weight loss fad to another and just can’t seem to keep off extra weight? Move away from fad diets and reenergize your life with our stress-free weight loss journey. Our physicians and trained staff will develop your personalized lifestyle plan and guide you through a medically supervised program that will help you lose weight and start feeling great.

The Slim-n-Fit® program is not a diet. It’s a proven medical program that gives you all the tools you need to achieve the new you without feeling hungry or dissatisfied. While you’re on this program, our medical staff closely monitor your progress and ensure that any medications and treatments are working effectively to achieve healthy weight loss goals.

For more severe or immediate weight loss needs, we offer a reversible, non-surgical weight loss option. The gastric balloon procedure requires no incisions or stitches and is completed in around 30 minutes. Gastric balloons take up room in your stomach and encourage portion control by making you feel full without consuming large amounts of food. Once inserted into your stomach via endoscopy, the soft silicone balloon is filled with liquid or air and can stay in place for up to six months.

Talk to your physician about which weight loss option is right for you.

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