Medical Weight Loss

Don’t wait to lose the weight

Our physicians and trained staff work with you to develop a medical weight loss program that will help you lose weight so you can start feeling great!

The Slim-n-Fit® Program is not a diet; it’s a complete lifestyle change! Stop trying one fad diet after the other and re-energize your life, learn to live healthy an entire lifetime. Our trained professionals will guide you through a stress- free weight loss journey. It’s time for you to get Skinny 4 Life!


Don’t Wait…Lose the Weight

Diets can leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied often times causing you to give up before seeing any results. Slim-n-Fit® Program is a proven medical weight loss program that gives you all the tools you need to achieve the NEW YOU.

How It Works

The Slim-n-Fit® Program is not just another fad diet – it’s a physician-supervised and proven method that helps our patients achieve and maintain their healthy goal weight. After a consultation with each patient, our medical staff then develops a individualized and comprehensive plan for each patient. Patients are monitored closely throughout the program to ensure that any medication and treatments are effectively working to achieve the healthy weight loss goal.

Slim-n-Fit®: Complete Lifestyle

Medical Supervision
Every step of the program is taken under medical supervision. Our physicians and trained staff monitor your progress and well-being and are here to assist you whenever needed.

Physical Strength
Our medical weight loss program includes medical assessments, supplements, FDA approved medications, and carefully designed dietary and exercise plans to ensure that you achieve optimal health while reaching your weight loss goal.

Emotional Strength
Your emotional well-being is very important to us is vital to your long term success. We provide the support you need during all phases of the program to ensure that you stay motivated and work towards achieving you weight loss goal. Our trained medical staff educate and inform you every step of the way during your weight loss journey, so that you understand exactly what is happening within your body and have the knowledge to continue maintaining a healthy weight

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