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Tired of Sinus Pain and Pressure?

Sinusitis symptoms include:

  • Facial congestion/fullness
  • Nasal blockage
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dental pain
  • Bad breath

How a little balloon can provide instant relief that lasts

Balloon sinus dilation offers an effective alternative for appropriate sinusitis patients who are tired of ongoing medical therapy and cannot or do not want to undergo surgery, but want lasting relief with a quick recovery.

Sick of Shots and Pills? Try Transdermal Immunotherapy (TDIT)

Transdermal medications are absorbed through the skin instead of by injectable or oral routes. TDIT is available for patients age 6 and up.

Benefits of TDIT

  • Simple application
  • May reduce symptoms of specific allergens that make you suffer
  • May be used for multiple diagnoses
  • May reduce or eliminate use of oral antihistamines, nasal sprays and other prescription allergy treatments
  • May reduce or avoid side effects associated with oral antihistamines
  • Combine multiple antigens in one medication
  • Pain-free treatment without the need for allergy shots

The transdermal therapy program lasts about 3 years. Based on your allergy test results, your physician will prescribe small increasing doses of allergens administered over time. This timeline allows your body to adjust to the increasing concentration of allergens.

As with other therapies, the objective is relief from allergy symptoms. Once relief has been achieved, you will enter a maintenance phase and be monitored by your physician accordingly over the next two years.

Close maintenance monitoring optimizes success with Transdermal lmmunotherapy (TDIT).

Doctors for Sinus Pain & Pressure



Dr. James Ludwick

Dr. James J. Ludwick is a thorough, attentive ear, nose, and throat doctor treating patients in the areas of West Houston and Greater Houston. He specializes in sleep medicine, as well as surgery of the head and neck. His goal as a provider is to keep his patient happy, and he makes sure to take his time with each patient to address their concerns. He holds Board certification in both otolaryngology and sleep medicine.



Dr. Patrick Slater

Dr. Slater is a Neurotologist and skull base surgeon. Neurotology is a surgical specialty that requires completion of an ENT training program and 1-2 years of training in the neurotology skull base field. It is a certified discipline, as much as ENT or any other subspecialty, that receives accreditation through the ACGME. Dr. Slater is currently the only board-certified Neurotologist in the Houston Metropolitan area.