Vitamin Infusion

Replenish • Rejuvenate • Revive

An intravenous vitamin infusion enhances the immune system, reduces fatigue, helps with seasonal allergies, boosts fat-burning agents , and creates beautiful glowing skin. Each step of these infusions gradually increases in vitamin dosages . The list of vitamin cocktails are directed to help with following:

  • Anti-Hypertensive Cocktail: helps alleviate and reduce/regulate high blood pressure
  • Anti-Viral Cocktail: Immune system booster
  • Revitalize Cocktail: Energy Boosting and hangover cure
  • Mini Energy Cocktail: Lunchtime energy booster
  • Anti-aging Cocktail: Brightens skin and aids exercise recovery
  • Executive Cocktail: Combats stress and fatigue
  • A La Carte: Add-on to any infusion or solely infused